Updated promo sign for the ‘Ambling among Penguin’s charms’ app

The updated promo sign for the Amble Among Penguin’s Charms app is currently on the fence of the Penguin Playground, next to the Big Penguin.

Get ready to explore Penguin in North West Tasmania like never before! We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new signage experience on the seaside town’s playground fence by our local partner, Penguin Heritage Trail, in collaboration with the local council.

Featuring 4 QR codes (representing the seaside town’s famous walk in 4 languages), this signage unlocks a captivating self-guided tour that will change the way you visit Penguin. Simply scan the code and embark on a fascinating journey:

  • Local history and hidden gems: Discover fascinating stories, architectural highlights and unique corners of Penguin.
  • Interactive multimedia: Immerse yourself in photos and audio that bring the town to life.
  • Flexible exploration: Explore at your own pace, any day of the week and discover something new around every corner.
  • Family-friendly fun: Engage with interactive elements and local trivia to make the tour fun for all ages.

This innovation, powered by Cya On The Road, is the perfect way to experience the best of the seaside town, whether you’re a local or a visiting explorer. So grab your phones, head to Penguin in North West Tasmania and let the adventure begin!