Penguin in a Day

Our little town is a treasure-trove of history, mystery and attractions and certainly well worth the stroll. Every nook and cranny hides its story, and we have stories galore. Where will our stories take you?

There’s a lot more to our little town than beachfront cafes and boutique shops. So whether it’s sporting facilities, beach activities, history, art, adventure or simply lazing about we welcome you.

Let’s start with one of Tasmania’s most photographed icons, our big penguin and the scattering of smaller ones throughout town. Did you know they all dress-up for special occasions like Christmas and ANZAC Day? Even the penguin garbage bins have a makeover from time to time.

Just up the road is the striking Uniting Church behind which you’ll find our dinky-die Dutch windmill donated by descendants of Dutch immigrants who have had such a strong sway in Penguin’s history.

Through the traffic lights is our celebrated heritage cemetery and vantage point with its stunning views, especially at dawn and sunset. Reflect in the commemorative garden, with its Children of the World sculpture, dedicated to our many unnamed children.

After a coffee why not amble along our heritage walking trail as far as our renowned roadside gardens. And with each of our attractions there is, of course, a story to be told. Like voices in the wind.

Perhaps end the day with a wine or two in our town square. Maybe even stay the night.

These are just the entrée; welcome to Penguin. And enjoy unravelling our history and mystery.

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